How to Handle a Difficult Auditee

Being an auditor involves working with different types of people. Things don’t always go according to plan and at times you will be faced with a personality clash or an uncooperative auditee. So how do you handle a difficult auditee and keep the audit progressing smoothly? Let me start by saying that there is no [...]

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Collecting Audit Evidence

Prior to conducting an audit, auditors create detailed procedures to obtain sufficient audit evidence. These procedures generally focus on key risk areas that are identified through a risk analysis. To get a complete picture of the organization, it’s necessary to collect audit evidence from a variety of sources. Before we look at how to collect [...]

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How to Report Your Audit Findings

At the conclusion of an audit, the audit team presents its findings to the auditee at the closing meeting. Before leaving, the auditor also typically gives the auditee their findings that detail any nonconformities supported by objective evidence. Following this, the lead auditor needs to compile a detailed audit report. The audit report needs to [...]

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Conducting an Opening Meeting

An opening meeting is a short, typically informal meeting to discuss basic details of the audit. An opening meeting sets the scene for the audit and, if done well, can create a terrific first impression. So how do you conduct a successful opening meeting? The opening meeting is led by the lead auditor primarily to [...]

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Elements of Writing a Nonconformance

Nonconformances are a common outcome of audits. Although no auditor should go into an audit looking to find fault, if delivered correctly nonconformances can provide opportunities for continuous improvement. However, if the nonconformance is not recorded or reported accurately, preventive or corrective actions may be difficult for the organization to perform. Let’s look at the [...]

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How to evaluate management commitment

Despite being an important part of an audit, evaluating management commitment is a topic not often discussed. Let’s look at why management commitment is important, and what evidence to look for. To start, let’s consider clause 5.1 of ISO 9001:2015, which looks specifically at leadership and commitment. Subclause 5.1.1 goes on to identify specific aspects [...]

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What Makes a Good Supplier?

Suppliers are an essential element of every business. They can provide anything from general overheads to raw materials. While reliable service, and delivering the right goods or services on time as described, are essential when looking for a potential supplier, it takes more than just the basics to be a truly good supplier. Let’s look [...]

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The Men Who Defined Quality

As the third piece in our “history of quality” series, let’s take a brief look at the quality gurus—the men who laid the foundation for the quality industry and defined its key concepts. Walter Shewhart Let’s start with Walter Shewhart—the man credited as the father of statistical quality control (SQC). In the mid-1920’s, Shewhart began [...]

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The History of Quality

In our last post, we tackled the challenge of trying to define quality. Now, let’s give this some context by looking at the history of quality to see how its evolution has shaped our current approaches. The quality movement can be traced all the way back to medieval Europe. In the late 13th century, craftsmen [...]

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The Challenge of Defining Quality

Quality is a difficult thing to define. Everyone has their own unique interpretation of what “quality” means. The challenge in defining quality is that there is no single definition. Quite often, what one person believes to be quality may not match someone else’s definition. This doesn’t necessarily mean that either is wrong. Rather, these differences [...]

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