How to Handle a Difficult Auditee

Being an auditor involves working with different types of people. Things don’t always go according to plan and at times you will be faced with a personality clash or an uncooperative auditee. So how do you handle a difficult auditee and keep the audit progressing smoothly? Let me start by saying that there is no [...]

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Collecting Audit Evidence

Prior to conducting an audit, auditors create detailed procedures to obtain sufficient audit evidence. These procedures generally focus on key risk areas that are identified through a risk analysis. To get a complete picture of the organization, it’s necessary to collect audit evidence from a variety of sources. Before we look at how to collect [...]

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How to evaluate management commitment

Despite being an important part of an audit, evaluating management commitment is a topic not often discussed. Let’s look at why management commitment is important, and what evidence to look for. To start, let’s consider clause 5.1 of ISO 9001:2015, which looks specifically at leadership and commitment. Subclause 5.1.1 goes on to identify specific aspects [...]

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The Challenge of Defining Quality

Quality is a difficult thing to define. Everyone has their own unique interpretation of what “quality” means. The challenge in defining quality is that there is no single definition. Quite often, what one person believes to be quality may not match someone else’s definition. This doesn’t necessarily mean that either is wrong. Rather, these differences [...]

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Are Your Nonverbal Signs Contributing to Conflict?

Nonverbal signs can offer meaning over and above spoken communication, and often speak louder than words. It’s important to understand what these signs are, and if they could be contributing to conflict. Being an auditor at times involves being placed in “confrontational” situations—such as delivering findings of non-conformances. In these situations especially, it’s important that what [...]

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New IAF Assessments now available

Four new International Accreditation Forum (IAF) assessments have launched through Exemplar Global College. Each assessment awards the individual with a "Certificate of Knowledge" to demonstrate their technical expertise and knowledge for that industry's process of operations. Consistent with ISO/IEC 17021:2001, each IAF assessment has been constructed to meet the accreditation requirements for both registrars and [...]

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In the dark about ISO 14001?

There is a fair amount of ‘noise’ around the revised ISO 9001 Standard, but what is happening with ISO 14001? Are you in the dark about ISO 14001? Exemplar Global College brings you the latest update on this planned revision . The proposed transition to the ISO 9001:2015 Standard has dominated the dialogue around the [...]

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Getting the most out of your CPD!

For most of us, being recognized as a ‘Professional’ in our chosen vocational field is the result of many years of hard work, acquired knowledge and commitment. However, once we achieve the status as a ‘Professional’ we soon find out that our learning journey has really just begun. Getting there was one thing; staying there [...]

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