An Introduction to eLearning

  • an introduction to elearning

An Introduction to eLearning


Find out what eLearning is about

This course is designed to provide participants with an overview of eLearning and how it can maximize your learning.

Product Description

The Introduction to eLearning course is designed to provide participants with overview of what is eLearning, how it works and how can it maximise one’s learning outcomes.

Learning Objectives

  • Define what is eLearning
  • Explore the advantages of eLearning
  • Identify barriers to effective learning
  • Describe how the eLearning experience can be enhanced

Course Overview

1. Introduction – definition of terms

2. The advantages of eLearning explored

3. Understanding what can prevent effective eLearning

4. Strategies to improve the eLearning experience

5. Workshop Summary

6. Knowledge competency Quiz

Time Frame:  Approximately 15 mins

Level: Fundamental / Introductory

Award: Certificate of Completion


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