Training needs to be appropriately planned to ensure that expected outcomes are delivered and that training courses deliver the intended goals. To ensure that the training process is as effective and efficient as possible, a comprehensive training plan is needed.

Although training can be approached in a variety of ways, a professional training plan that provides detailed information on the training and assessment to be undertaken is essential.

Implementing a professional training plan is key from an organizational point of view. Having a clear plan devised well in advance of the training date ensures that correct and consistent learning outcomes are delivered.

The professional training plan should outline who will deliver the training, and when and where individuals need to go to receive the structured component of the training.

Components of a professional training plan

A training plan should include the following information:

  • The need for the training
  • Who will be trained
  • Title of the qualification in the approved training scheme
  • Competencies to be obtained
  • The time-frame required for the training
  • Details of the training to be undertaken
  • Delivery modes
  • Who is responsible for the delivery and/or assessment of each competency
  • Assessment details and arrangements
  • The name of the qualification to be issued
  • Any other specific requirements
  • Glossary of key terms

Review and update

Details of the professional training plan should be monitored and amended where required to make sure that the program is meeting its objectives and that the material includes the latest industry developments.

A detailed training schedule should also be included as part of the plan—this sets out the course name, location, date/time, and duration of the training. This section should be organized to best illustrate the planned training program. The professional training schedule should be as comprehensive as possible and can be updated to reflect changes as they occur.

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